You are currently viewing FFBL Leaked NTS Test Paper of Electrical Engineering, 2023

FFBL Leaked NTS Test Paper of Electrical Engineering, 2023

FFBL Leaked NTS Test Paper of Electrical Engineering, 2023

Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Limited is a Pakistan-based holding company. The Company manufactures purchases and markets fertilizers. It is involved in the meat, dairy, and coal-based energy generation sectors. It has identified its potential business segments and has undertaken investments in the areas of food, financial, power sector, and wind energy projects. Its products include Granular Urea, such as Sona Urea, and Di Ammonium Phosphate (DAP), such as Sona DAP.

Sona Urea is a synthetic organic compound containing nitrogen in amide form available in the form of white solid prills. It is applied to soil and is also suitable in solution form as a spray application. Sona DAP contains the nutrient element, phosphorous besides nitrogen available in flowing granular form Granules are stronger, harder, and of uniform size. It is suitable for various crops and soils recommended for the initial application. It produces over 791,260 metric tons (MT) of DAP and approximately 433,610 MT of Urea.

NTS conducted to test for Trainee Electrical Engineers in 2023 and here are the questions with answers to that test. If you find an error or want to modify this test kindly write your review in the comment box.

NTS FFBL Test paper for the post of Trainee Electrical Engineering
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