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What is The World Wide Web?

The World Wide Web and its associated distributed information services, such as Yahoo!, Google, America Pane’ and AltaVista, provide rich, worldwide, on-line information services where that data. objects are linked together to facilitate interactive access. User’s seeking information of interest traverse from one object via links to another. Such example, understanding-user access patterns will not only help improve system design but also leads to better marketing decisions. Capturing user access patterns in, such distributed information environments is called Web usage mining or Weblog mining.

Automated Web page clustering and, classification help group and arrange. Web pages in a multidimensional manner based on theirs. contents. Web community analysis helps identify hidden Web social networks and communities-and observe their evolution. Web mining is the development of scalable and effective Web data analysis and mining methods. It may help us learn about the distribution of information on the Web in general, characterize and classify Web pages, and uncover Web dynamics and the association and other relationships among different Web pages, users, communities, and Web-based activities.

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