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High-Pressure Regenerator and CO2 Absorber | Production Of Carbon Dioxide And Carbon Dioxide Storage, Carbon Capture

High-Pressure Regenerator and CO2 Absorber

Hot potassium carbonate is used for the absorption of carbon dioxide which is present as an impurity in natural gas, synthesis gas, and coke oven gas. Hot potassium carbonate is modified by adding some catalysts and promoters along with it which is known as Giammarco- Vetrocoke process (G.V) the solution is called as G.V. Solution.   The presence of carbon dioxide cause lowering the calorific value and affect the chemical reaction in which these gases going to participate in the production of petrochemicals. By means of an absorber using a suitable solvent based on the carbon dioxide (CO2) content in the process gas operating parameters can be designed.

Carbon Dioxide Absorber

The most famous chemical solvents used for CO2  absorption are:

MEA plus amine guard
Aqueous sodium carbonate

High-Pressure Re-Generator

The absorbed carbon dioxide is recovered and left in the pure absorption solution for reuse in the process stream. Due to reversible reaction under pressure carbon dioxide is stripped out.

Production of carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide storage, carbon capture

We see how carbon dioxide is changing the atmospheric conditions and we are one of the reasons for the increase in CO2 levels. We cannot control the carbon dioxide that emits from volcanoes, forest fires, and other natural causes but we can handle the amount of carbon dioxide that our industries and automobiles produce. To do this we have to understand the sources of production of carbon dioxide, capture it, storing and use it in green technologies.

Industrial operations that produce carbon dioxide by means of byproduct and flue gas:

  • Combustion operation (Power plants)
  • Reforming operations (Refineries and chemical plants)

Carbon dioxide capturing:

  • By chemical technology: Chemical and physical absorption
CO2 removal reaction using Potassium bicarbonate
  • Plantation


  • Dry ice

Converting carbon dioxide by green technology:

  • By converting it into methanol or dimethyl ether using the CO2 hydrogenation technique.

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