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Bin Blender Applications | Key IBC Bin Blender Applications in Modern IndustrialĀ 

When solid particles of different particle sizes are to be mixed to a uniform composition it is achieved by using bin blenders. Non-sticky materials are not preferred while the best results are achieved for free-flowing dry powders. The hydraulic system is used to rotate and lift the bin from the ground. Pharmaceutical companies frequently use this equipment for blending bulk drugs to obtain the required specifications of the product’s materials. Around 50 to 60 percent of the total capacity of bin benders is considered for accurate operation.

The Bin blender is installed in a cone shape is faced towards the ground, on the upper section it consists of a manhole, and a charge hole for charging the feed, and the bottom of the bin is provided with a butterfly valve to discharge the material after blending. In clean room operation, bin blenders are given the first order of preference. The main disadvantage is due to its batch-wise operation condition. After charging the material, the bin is lifted onto the support of the rotor which rotates the bin for the prescribed time schedule as the operation completes bin is repositioned for discharging the bulk product.

Validation trials are conducted for every specific material to have the consistency of the homogeneous mixing and to derive the time required for obtaining the standard specifications.

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