Aarya 3 review: Sushmita Sen shines as the calm and dangerous don 

Aarya 3 Review: माफिया क्वीन बनकर 'आर्या' की दहाड़, सुष्मिता सेन की दमदार एक्टिंग, पर कहां रह गई चूक?  

'Aarya Season 3' X Review: Internet calls Sushmita's show 'too good to be missed'

The tropes are the same yet season 3 of Aarya keeps you hooked from the first episode itself. Sushmita Sen dons the role of Aarya Sareen once again in Ram Madhavani's created world of drugs, deceit, revenge, and guns.

आर्या के तीसरे सीजन की कहानी वहीं से शुरू हुई, जहां इसका दूसरा सीजन खत्म हुआ था. आर्या (सुष्मिता सेन) एक साधारण महिला से लेडी डॉन बन चुकी है. 

Sushmita Sen is back with 'Aarya' Season 3. Fans have been eagerly waiting for the sequel and now that it's finally here, they are thoroughly impressed. 

  In this season, Sushmita Sen's character enters the world of smuggling and gangsters.

  'Aarya' Season 3 has finally been released.Fans have praised Sushmita Sen's performance.