Some Facts Related to Microprocessor 8085

Some Facts Related to Microprocessor 8085

  1. The first microprocessor was invented by Intel Corporation in 1971.

2. It was backward binary compatible with the more-famous Intel 8080 (only adding a few minor instructions) but required less supporting hardware, thus allowing simple and less expensive microcomputer systems to be built.

  1. The “5” in the model number came from the fact that the 8085 requires only a + 5 Volt (V) power supply by using depletion mode transistors, rather than requiring the + 5V-5V and+12 V supplies the 8080 needed.
  2. This is similar to the competing Z 80 (also 8080-derived) introduced the year before. These processors were sometimes used in computers running the CP/M operating system.
  1. It functions as a central processing unit of the microcomputer.
  2. It performs all arithmetic, logical, data transfer and decision making operations.
  3. It is a program controlled device, without software microcomputer is a dead machine.
  4. The microprocessor is a synchronous sequential circuit. It requires clock signal hence, the speed of the microprocessor is also dependent upon the clock frequency.

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