Write a comparison between Online-analytical processing and online transaction processing | OLAP vs OLTP

Comparison between OLTP and OLAP systems are as follows – OLAP vs OLTP

Full formOnline transaction ProcessingOnline analytical processing
Characteristicoperational Processinginformational processing
Userclerk, DBA, transaction database professionalknowledge worker (e.g., manager, executive, analyst)
Function day-to-day operationslong-term informational requirements, decision support
DB designER-based, application-oriented star/snowflake, subject-oriented
Datacurrent guaranteed up-to-datehistorical; accuracy maintained over time.
Summarizationprimitive, highly detailedsummarized, consolidated
View detailed, flat relationalsummarized, multidimensional
Unit of workshort, simple transactioncomplex query
Accessread/writemostly read
Focusdata ininformation out
Operations Number of recordsindex/hash on primary keylots of scans
Number of usersthousandshundreds
DB size100 MB to GB100 GB to TB
Priorityhigh performance, high availabilityhigh flexibility end-user autonomy.
Metrictransaction throughputquery throughput, response time

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