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Multistage pump cross-section view | Multistage pump

Multistage pump cross-section view

For pumping high viscous liquid with tremendous power. The multistage pump performance depends on the driving power. It has high-performance characteristics when the variable speed drive system is preferred when compared to the constant drive mechanism. Using the numerical analysis auto cad model shown above consists of four stages with inlet and outlet provision. A single shaft buckled up with the mechanical seal and gearbox included in the design.

Impellers preferred for the design is a two-row system which was found to be achieving high radial flow by computer modeling. Computational fluid dynamics is the only way to find the optimal design by numerical simulation for advanced multistage pumps. The 3D model is much more complex for analysis the pressure points fluctuate and deviated the model from the real impeller operations.

The above diagram includes the supporting section and casing section as the common block without any individual parts. This provides an economic advantage in manufacturing and electric power consumption. Inlet and outlet connections are provided on the top section of the pump so that while installation the bends requirements in piping can be avoided. Bends add up the power loss factor in the system.

Cross-sectional view of the 2-stage pump

A cross-sectional view of a 2-stage pump would show the internal components of the pump, including the impellers, shafts, bearings, and housing. The view would show the layout of the two stages of the pump, with the first stage typically having a larger impeller and the second stage having a smaller impeller. The view would also show how the fluid flows through the pump, entering the first stage, then being propelled by the impellers through the housing and into the second stage before being discharged. The cross-sectional view can be helpful in understanding the design and function of the pump.

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