Application Of Microprocessor 8085 | General Purpose and special purpose application of microprocessor 8085

Application of microprocessor 8085

The wide range of microprocessor application areas can be divided into two groups:

  • General Purpose applications
  • Special-Purpose applications
  1. General-purpose applications These are used to perform the traditional role of data processing. Necessary hardware and software are provided to support a wide range of application requirements.
    Some of the applications are as follows

(a) Single-board microprocessors: These are the simplest and cheapest general-purpose microprocessor-based systems with the minimum possible hardware and software configuration.

Primarily, these are used for two purposes. In universities and educational institutions, they are used for imparting training to students.
In industries these are either used for evaluation of the microprocessor or for building prototype systems:

(b) Terminals: Terminals are used for communication between a computer system and its user. Commands and data to be communicated to the computer are entered with the help of a typewriter-like keyboard and the response of the computer is displayed on a television-like screen known as a Cathode Ray Tube (CRT).

(c) Personal computer: Personal computers range from very inexpensive home computers to moderately costly business and intelligent workstations.

  • Home computers are usually based on 8-bit microprocessors having small memory and low-cost peripherals.
  • These are primarily used for playing video games and learning simple programming
  • The second category of personal computers is normally based on 16-bit microprocessors used for a variety of purposes, such as word processing, payroll, business accounts, medical record keeping, and inventory control.

(d) Superminis and CAD Machines: As a result of the advancement of solid-state technology, microprocessors can perform powerful functions, and their word size and memory capacity have also increased

  • Commercially available 32-bit microprocessors have been used to build powerful microcomputers with capabilities and features resembling traditional mini and mainframe computers but at a much lower price.
  • Supported by equally powerful software, these systems are used as engineering workstations and computer-aided design (CAD) machines.
  1. Special purpose applications: These applications can be divided on the basis of their respective areas. Some of the important areas are given below:

Features Of 8085 Microprocessor 

(a) Communication: Microprocessors are being used in a wide range of communication equipment. In the telephone industry they are used in digital telephone sets, telephone exchanges,s and modems Widespread use of microprocessors in radio, television, and satellite communication has made teleconferencing a reality Railway reservation systems at the international level have already been implemented.

(b) Instrumentation: By making an instrument microprocessor-based, it can b made intelligent by incorporating new features like programmability, which cannot be easily provided in its hard-wired counterpart. Frequency meters frequency synthesizers, function generators, spectrum analyzers, and many other instruments are available, where microprocessors are used as controllers

(c) Control: The operational requirements of controllers are inherently suitable for microprocessor-based implementation. Dedicated controllers are now available in home appliances, such as microwave ovens, and washing machines where one or a few physical parameters are monitored and controlled In industry microprocessors are being used in controlling various process parameters, such as speed, temperature, and pressure.

(d) Office Automation and Publication: With the availability of inexpensive and user-friendly microcomputers along with a wide range of software packages to support various functions normally performed in an office, microprocessors have ushered in a tremendous change in the office environment. In place of conventional ways of typing, drafting, and filling microprocessor-based systems are being used for word processing, spreadsheet operations, and storage and retrieval of information for secondary devices.

In publishing houses, microprocessor-based systems are being used for making automatic photo type settings directly from the output of the word processor system. A complete desktop publishing system comprising a laser printer along with necessary hardware software is available at an affordable price.

Application Of Microprocessors in General Life

  • Mobile Phones
  • Digital Watches
  • Washing Machine
  • Computer
  • Lighting Control
  • Traffic Control
  • Modems
  • Power Stations
  • Television
  • CD Player
  • Multimeter
  • CRO
  • Wave generator
  • More applications in medical
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