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Differences between 8085 and 8086 microprocessor

Differences between 8085 and 8086 microprocessor

Parameter8085 microprocessor8086 microprocessor
DefinitionThe 8085 is an accumulator-based 8-bit microprocessor that can process 8-bit of data at a time.The 8086 is a register-based 16-bit microprocessor that can process 16-bit of data at a time.
TypeIt is accumulator-based.It is register-based.
Memory segmentationThe 8085 microprocessor does not support memory segmentation.The 8086 microprocessor supports memory segmentation, i.e. the memory of the 8086 microprocessor is segmented which means the 20-bit address bus can access 1 MB of memory but it uses only four 64 kB segments from it.
Arithmetic logic unit (ALU) size8085 contains an 8-bit ALU size.8086 contains a 16-bit ALU size.
Processor configurationIt is a single-processor configuration microprocessor.It is a multiprocessor configuration microprocessor.
Modes of operationThe 8085 microprocessor supports only a single mode of operation.The 8086 microprocessor supports two modes of operation viz. minimum mode and maximum mode.
Pipelining architectureThis microprocessor doesn’t support pipelining architecture.The 8086 microprocessor supports pipelining architecture.
Processor configuration8085 is a single-processor configuration microprocessor.8086 is a multiprocessor configuration microprocessor.
Cost8085 is cheaper in comparison with the 8086 microprocessor.8086 is expensive in comparison with the 8085 microprocessor.

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