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Computer and Internet Evolution | History of the Internet: Working of the Internet, Evolution

Now the computer is a part of human gadgets and tools. Without it, he is not able to move around and do his regular task. The computer which influenced man had a long history, during its journey in development it has changed according to the needs and application of human activity. Every country wants to grow and become a developing country and for this these countries need a supercomputer this is one of its importance in the world now. Let’s have look at the computer timeline which made it evolve to the present day. The following can give some details on the evolution of computers.

YearInventor/organization/computersInventions /Application
1642Blaise Pascal, Francemakes a numerical wheel calculator, an early mechanical adding machine
1694Gottfried Von Leibniz, Germanymakes a machine that can multiply numbers
1820Charles Xavier de Colmar, FranceMakes an Arithometer that can add, subtract, multiply and divide
1822Charles Babbage, EnglandDifference engine
1829WheatstoneUsed punched paper tape to store data
1834Charles BabbageConceives the analytical engine
1889Hollerithโ€™sPunchcard machine used in US census
1928IBM80-column punch card
1944Harvard Mark IFirst digital computer
1952Univac computerAccurately predicts the US presidential election winner
1953IBM701First IBM electronic digital computer
1956Artificial IntelligenceFirst hard disk drive
1958GameThe first chess game between the computer and human
1960the USA has 6000 computers
1963ASCII(American standard code for information technology )Established
1967IBMFloppy disk
1970Douglas EngelbartFirst computer mouse
1971Intel (Wang 1200)First computer chip, first word processor, a microprocessor
1972Ray TomlinsonEmail invented
PongFirst electronic video game
1975William H.GatesMicrosoft established
1976First apple computer
Cary-1, the first supercomputer
1979BBN servicesFirst commercial bulletin board
1980First laptop
1981First Nintendo home video game, Microsoft introduced software to IBM
1982200 computers connected to the internet
1984AppleApple Macintosh computer launched
1985MicrosoftWindows 1.0
1986USA has> 30 million computer
1988The USA has 4.7 million microcomputers,120,000 minicomputers, and 11,500 mainframe computers
1989100,00 hosts on the internet
1990First palmtop computer
1991Jean Armour PollySurfing the net
1993MosaicFirst graphical internet
1994135 million PCs worldwide
1995Microsoft internet explorer
1999150 million internet users worldwide
2000Dot com crash
2002I Pod digital music player
2005200 million broadband lines world wide
20061 billion  internet users

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