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Comparison between BJT and MOSFET

Comparison between BJT and MOSFET

Sr#Bi-Polar Junction Transistor (BJT)Metal Oxide Field Effect Transistor (MOSFET)
1It is a Bipolar DeviceIt is the majority carrier Device
2Current control DeviceVoltage control Device.
3Output is controlled by controlling the base currentOutput is controlled by controlling gate voltage
4Negative temperature coefficientPositive temperature coefficient
5So, paralleling BJT is difficult.So, paralleling this device is easy.
6The dive circuit is complex. It should provideThe dive circuit is simple. It should provide
7constant current (Base current)constant voltage (gate voltage)
8Losses are low.Losses are higher than BJTs.
9So used in high-power applications.Used in low-power applications.
10BJTs have high voltage and current ratings.They have less voltage and current ratings.
11The switching frequency is lower than MOSFET.The switching frequency is high.

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