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Voltage Source Converter (VSC) technology has been selected as the basis for several recent projects due to its controllability, compact modular design, ease of system interface, and low environmental impact. Following are a few factors that increase the use of the Voltage Source Converter in transmission systems.

  1. Independent control of reactive and active power.
  2. Reactive control is independent of another terminal (s).
  3. Simpler interface with ac system.
  4. Compact filters.
  5. Provides continuous ac voltage regulation.
  6. No minimum power restriction.
  7. Operation in extremely weak systems.
  8. No commutation failures.
  9. No restriction on multiple feeds.
  10. No polarity reversal is needed to reverse power. 
  11. Black-start capability.
  12. Variable frequency.
  13. HVDC Light cable – economic extruded polymer.

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